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In 1895, a single penny would buy you a great cup of coffee. For just $2.55, you could take a train from New York to the Delaware Water Gap, a town that was host to several large hotels and some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. As the second largest inland resort town in the country in the late 19th century, the town of Delaware Water Gap provided the perfect getaway for captains of industry and common folk alike.

The history of Delaware Water Gap from just before the Civil War, through the second Industrial Revolution, and into
the Great Depression is littered with tales of triumph and despair, grandeur and demise.

An ideal escape from the oppressive heat of the brick and mortar cities, Delaware Water Gap offered refreshing mountain air, scenic vistas and a more relaxed pace than the typical seaside resort. Because of these qualities, the area became a natural haven for artists and musicians – a tradition that continues today.

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Plein Air Painting of The Dutot by Alex Bigatti